WELCOME TO MABPROCancer Immunotherapy
Platform For Hypoxic Tumors

ABOUT USPersonalized cancer immunotherapy for aggressive, hypoxic tumors with blockbuster potential

  • Mabpro, a.s. is building an immunotherapy platform and companion diagnostics for aggressive, hypoxic tumors using Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CA IX) as the therapeutic target and mechanism of action.
  • Extensive scientific literature, pre-clinical research and previous clinical studies confirm that targeting hypoxic tumors with CA IX can lead to highly effective immunotherapies for both solid and lymphomatic tumors.
  • Our 5 initially targeted indications and sub-tumor types for which our compounds should work currently account for more than half of all cancer deaths.
  • Our business team includes highly experienced entrepreneurs and professionals in biopharma.
  • We have developed two core therapeutic assets – two humanized monoclonal antibodies targeting different cancer use-cases.
  • We have completed most of the pre-clinical work and are preparing to launch Phase I clinical trials in late 2024.
  • We have built companion diagnostic and continue building advanced patient stratification protocols.
  • We hold comprehensive IP package related to CA IX-based therapies, including our own proprietary IP and an exclusive license for the entire core background IP related to therapeutic applications of CA IX (owned by the Slovak Academy of Sciences).

We have also started to explore the potential of our technology outside of cancer, starting with cardio-vascular diseases.